Rialto Lounge

Dorking Lunch menu


Stone baked homemade bread with filling of your choice, served with fries & salad.

Chicken Focaccia £8.50

Breaded chicken, melted mozarella cheese, lettuce & mayonnaise.

Beef Burger Focaccia £10.50

homemade beef burger topped with goat cheese, lettuce, red onion, gherkin & tomato


Parma ham & rocket £4.95

Grilled chicken, bacon, chilli, onion, lettuce & tomato £4.95

Grilled vegetables & goat cheese £4.95

Tommato, buffalo mozarella & homemade basil pesto £4.95

Sausage, caramelised onion & tomatoes £4.95

Aubergine, tomato sauce, mozarella & lettuce £4.95


Bacon, mushrooms, onion & Parmesan £4.95

Chopped tomato, basil & spring onion £4.95

Cumberland sausage & onion £4.95

Potato, red onion & basil £4.95


Light, low calories served with mixed salad

Pizzetta Tonno Cipole £6.95

with tomato, mozzarella, tuna, red onion, olives & fresh chilli

Pizzetta Funghi £6.95

with tomato, mozzarella & mushrooms.

Pizzetta Vegetariana £6.95

with tomato, goat cheese, grilled vegetables, cherry tomato, olives & herbs

Pizzetta Americana £6.95

with tomato, mozzarella & pepperoni.


Spaghetti alla Napoletana £6.95

with garlic & tomato sauce

Spaghetti alla Carbonara £6.95

with pancetta & egg in bechamel & cream sauce

Crespoline Fiorentina £6.95

Rolled homemade pancake with Ricotta cheese & spinach served with cream & tomato sauce

Penne Arabbiata £6.95

with olives, onion, chilli & tomato sauce.

Lasagne £6.95

Pasta layers baked with minced meat, cheese & bechamel sauce